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Asiadigicoin LevelUp As To Be Digital


Asiadigicoin can be obtained, stored, accessed, and transacted digitally, and can be used for a variety of purposes, as long as the transacting parties agree to use them.

Like digital representations of value, ADCN  have its broader category on digital currency. Asiadigicoin are not denominated in fiat currency because its have their own unit of account.

Asiadigicoin allow the affirmation of transactions to be performed by the system participants themselves. As payments and transactions are made through in Asiadigicoin cryptocurrency does not represent a liability on anyone.

The ADCN allow for the issuance of a limited number of currency,number of units ultimately be issued. ADCN transactions are publicly recorded, users are known only by their “addresses,” which cannot be find back to users’ real-world identity. As such ADCN transactions are more transparent than cash also more signed than other forms of online payment.

Today Asiadigicoin challenge the standard concept of fiat currency.

In other words, rather than being used to measure the value of services directly, Asiadigicoin represent a value ,which is also compared to fiat currency based on the virtual currency exchange rate. Retailers who accept payment in Asiadigicoin will quote prices digitally.


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