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Worldwide Asiadigicoin Benefits


The whole idea of having a digital society, is definitely a great one. We feel taking a decision to be digital is a great step towards empowering our country and here are some benefits to discuss with you:

Less on my purse, More on my Digital wallet!

Asiadigicoin Wallet

Now there’s no need to worry about load up my purse with cash. You can always link my ADCN wallet to transact with ease.


Forgot to pay your Bills? Relax!


Several organisation looking to take adoption to been in Asiadigicoin technology. Now with the click of a button, all your payments can be paid through Asiadigicoin.


Cashless cab Rides


Now you don’t have to worry about carrying cash around for that sudden cab ride. ADCN linked with to cab transactions to pay as easy.


Book any ticket, Anywhere



Flight, movie tickets or even a hotel booking. You can have it with Asiadigicoin. Thanks to ADCN digital wallet, you can do all this sitting at home.

Limited cash, Limitless Opportunities!

New Opportunities - Green Pushpin on a Map Background.

It’s time to move focus to the digital world.. Asiadigicoin provide many opportunities to grow and originate with Crypto industry with Technology.



Transactions for several payments can be made simple with the help of Asiadigicoin. Asiadigicoin is an digital payment system where money can be stored digitally and used for a variety of purposes. Paying bills, booking tickets, buying merchandise, etc with one link transection which easily available on its Blockchain


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