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How to swap your AsiaDigiCoin from old wallet to new wallet?

AsiaDigiCoin recently changed the source code to make the transactions of ADCN more secure and reliable. Now there is need to swap (transfer) your AsiaDigiCoin from old wallet to new wallet. Following are the steps to show you how to swap your coin in few easy steps.


  1. Open




  1. After opening this click on Swap Coin Form.



Now it will pop up a Swap Coin Form as can be seen in below image:



  1. After doing this open your old wallet at asiadigicoin.com5.png
  2. Now open Swap Form and Copy the Address that is given in The Form.




  1. Now after this you need to transfer your coin into this wallet through your old wallet
  • Paste Swap Coin Wallet Address.
  • Number of Coins.
  • After That Click Withdrawal Option



Now copy your transaction number:

  • Scroll down your wallet.
  • Check your withdrawal history
  • Click on info.
  • Copy your transaction id, number of coins, time and date.


  • Fill all the details and submit the form.





Now you need to create a new web wallet.

  • Again go to
  • Click on web wallet.
  • Create a new wallet.
  • Generate a new wallet address after creating your new ADCN wallet.
  • Copy that address


  •  Paste into the form and submit that form to the developer.


  •  Now click submit.

Note: It will take minimum 24 hours and maximum 72 hours to transfer coins into your new wallet.


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