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What is ADCN?

AsiaDigiCoin (ADCN) is a CryptoCurrency which is also known as Digital Currency.

Digital Currency is the currency which is produced digitally, stored digitally and transferred digitally.

What is CryptoCurrency?

A CryptoCurrency is a medium of exchange like normal currencies such as USD/INR, but designed for the purpose of exchanging digital information through a process made possible by certain principles of cryptography. Cryptography is used to secure the transactions and to control the creation of new coins.

The first CryptoCurrency was Bitcoin which was created in year 2009. Apart from this, there are hundreds of CryptoCurrencies which are often referred as Alt-Coins.

To understand AsiaDigiCoin (ADCN), we need to first understand Bitcoin and what the growth in last seven years of Bitcoin was, so that we can analyze the growth of ADCN.

Bitcoin is a new form of money as mentioned earlier it is a digital form of money which is completely decentralized that means no government or no institute controls it, no one can stop it. It is an open source currency. The source code of this currency is open which means any technical guy can understand the coding of this currency. All the transactions of Bitcoin are recorded in a ledger called blockchain. So any one can see what are the bitcoins transactions happening in the world. It’s transparent. Electronically transferred globally, you can transfer anywhere in the world. The most important factor of Bitcoins is, it is inflation proof which is not there in fiat currency, which means the generation of bitcoins is already limited to 21 Million Bitcoins, after every 4 years the generation is becoming half and half that means once it was started 50 bitcoins used to generate in every 10 minutes now its 25 now in 2016 it will become 12.5. It’s a manipulation proof.

Already 15 million bitcoins have been generated the next 6 million bitcoins will take another 140 years. Supply is really limited, demand is really high and more than 2crores 70 lacs merchants accept Bitcoins and it has more than 800+ ATM’s. Many countries have already declared this as currency. The value of Bitcoin in 2009 was 2 cents when it was introduced. Today the value of Bitcoin is 450$ + so the price is increasing more than 30,000 times in last 7 years. It is never seen in any currency this much of growth.

Similarly the ADCN has same features like Bitcoin. It is again a decentralized currency, it’s an open source, electronically transferred globally, it’s an inflation proof currency and it’s a manipulation proof. Inflation proof can be seen as the generation of ADCN is 9crores 30lacs so after that the generation is going to be stopped. There is a limit in generation, the supply is limited and demand is definitely high. The value of ADCN in February 2016 was 0.02 cents now the value has been increased in one and a half month to almost 3 to 4 times. The expected value in the year 2016 December would be around 20$ so it’s increasing because many companies are accepting ADCN, many merchants are accepting ADCN so it is growing like anything.

ADCN has same future as Bitcoin. As you have seen bitcoins growth it is expected that ADCN has the same growth as we have seen in Bitcoin

Asia International Advertising and Retail Solutions (AIARS) and Power Hashing Solutions have launched this coin. ADCN is listed on and can be traded on coin trading platforms like,,, and would be available on all major trading platforms very soon.

Additional information and miner and wallet can be found on the official AsiaDigiCoin website.




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