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AsiaDigiCoin – Merchants worldwide

AsiaDigiCoin – Merchants worldwide


AsiaDigiCoin (ADCN) is the next CryptoCurrency after Bitcoin.

CryptoCurrency is a digital currency which is created with the use of Cryptography. The first CryptoCurrency was Bitcoin that was introduced in 2009.

ADCN aims to provide financial freedom to people all across the globe. ADCN is a decentralized script based CryptoCurrency with open source ledger. It was introduced on 20 February 2016 and the current value is USD 0.181

It comes with open source ledger and listed on all genuine crypto currency sites and can be traded on coin trading platforms like,, and would be available on all major trading platforms very soon.

ADCN is regarded as leading rival at present, and it is designed for processing smaller transactions faster. If you are considering investing in ADCN, it may be best to treat your “investment” in the same way you would treat any other highly speculative venture. As stated, a crypto (ADCN) has apart from what a buyer is willing to pay for it at a point in time.
Moreover it will become from time to time a currency that inspires others to become a part of the financial freedom which satisfies worldwide criteria.

ASIADIGICOIN has partnered with Power Hashing in India to bring ADCN to the daily lives of every individual. Whether its clothing apparel, food and drink or even a flight abroad you can buy it with ADCN. Featured merchants of ADCN are:

  • Dining & Groceries
  • Health & Beauty
  • Art & Collectibles
  • Shoes & Clothing
  • Charities
  • Social/SEO/Marketing
  • Tobacco/e-cigs
  • Music/Movies & TV
  • Tickets & Travels
  • Gift Cards & Prepaid Recharges
  • Investments/Metals
  • Gaming & E-books

While the quantity of vendors who acknowledge CryptoCurrency has consistently expanded, they are still especially in the minority. For CryptoCurrencies to end up all the more generally utilized, they need to first increase across the board acknowledgment among shoppers. However their relative many-sided quality contrasted with ordinary monetary forms will probably discourage the vast majority, aside from the innovatively proficient.


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