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AsiaDigiCoin – The Next Bitcoin


Beginning of the world of CryptoCurrency industry makes difficult to find the “power of coins”…

Each coin secures the transaction s and controls the creation of new cryptography. Revolution makes a great vision to the crypto world, where increasing power of all coins made through the process of certain principles.

AsiaDigiCoin (ADCN) is the new revolution in the world of CryptoCurrency. In comparison to other CryptoCurrencies, it is a new CryptoCurrency powered by script algorithm which easily provides a sense of purpose and direction to provide financial freedom and generate revenue in the CryptoCurrency industry and crypto world.

Asia International Advertising and Retail Solutions (AIARS) and Power Hashing Solutions Pvt. Ltd consisting of team of veteran software and web development professionals have collaborated to develop ADCN. ADCN is striving for survival in the market already due to the presence of many other CryptoCurrencies, so the company has made contacts across Asia to acquire promotion deals with them. The developers are not afraid of big established players rather they believe that the competition between the Asian digital currencies will enhance the acceptance and recognition of best ones in the industry.

In a universe of high saving money expenses, budgetary brokers, and strict government regulation, monetary disintermediation is precisely the arrangement that empowers normal individuals to appreciate the benefit of managing an account at a not exactly restrictive expense. AsiaDigiCoin plans to give only that.



ADCN is the CryptoCurrency which is decentralized with open source ledger.  In Bitcoin heavy computer horsepower was required for mining whereas ADCN can be mined by a normal computer. The maximum limit of ADCN is 84 million which is 4 times that of bitcoin’s 21 million limit. The transaction processing time of ADCN is 2.5 minutes, which is around one-fourth of Bitcoin.

ADCN is listed on all genuine sites of CryptoCurrency and can be traded on platforms like,, and would be available on all major trading platforms in the coming future.

Additional information and miner and wallet can be found on the official AsiaDigiCoin website.


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